Iron Cells

Lvl 1 Awaken

Six strangers awaken in a cold silent hut. They each lost consciousness in various places around the world. Someone brought them together for a quest. They awaken one at a time. Probably suspicious of each other they introduce themselves then try to determine where they are. Cade Surr Human Cleric (Robby), Asennys Druella Wood Elf Ranger (Scott), Phaedra of Korinic Bohemoth Human Fighter (Sara), Amald Human Wizard (Joe), Blaylock Human Rogue (David O), and Than Varilus Human Rogue (David V).

The unlikely party is very quiet as no one seems to want to share what they know about the mission. They begin to explore the hut and wander outside. There doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about the hut. It’s a small one room house with few furnishings. The one unusual thing they notice is that the hut appears to have been built no more than a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t look like anyone has ever lived here.

Outside they discover that the hut is at the edge of a forest treeline extending in both directions. The hut is nestled just out of sight within the trees. Outside the forest is the edge of an expansive swamp. Asennys (Scott) recognizes the forest as being the far North of the of the elf lands in the North Eastern edge of Oldwall Forest. However, he decides not to share this with the party. Blaylock (David V) recommends heading East into the swamp. Cade Surr (Robby) picks up on this and decides that that the party will head East. Some grumbling ensues, but everyone follows along.

Travel across the swamp gets increasingly difficult. During the journey, the party begins to catch the faint smell of salt in the air. They make camp in the swamp and the night is uneventful. They continue East in the morning with the smell of the sea increasing with every step. Finally they reach the edge of the swamp, or rather the beginning of the dunes. Than Varilus (David O) is sent up the tallest tree to look ahead for danger. Sure enough the path ahead has turned to sand dunes and an eventual shoreline of what surely must be the Iron Sea.

The stories of the creatures that come ashore from the Iron Sea and wreck destruction upon the coast become more distressing to the party. For most the Iron Sea had always been a distant threat, but now it lies a mere mile away. A little anxiety comes over the party and they begin to blame Cade for leading them here. Cade simply says that he was following Blaylock’s suggestion.

About this time, Phaedra spots humanoid creatures coming up from behind. The party peers carefully and determines that they are probably goblins. They appear to be following the party’s trail through the swamp. Discussion breaks out on the best course of action. This goes on for several minutes until it is no longer necessary. One of the goblins has spotted the party and cries out to the others.

It was a rather large goblin party and the outcome of the battle looked bleak, but ultimately the party prevailed.

After the battle Asennys reveals the party’s true location. Everyone is a bit frustrated by this, but the Asennys says that it seemed like Cade and Blaylock seemed to know where they were going. The party then decides to head North West to reach The Green Star, a river that runs to the Iron Sea in this part of the world.

After a long slog in the swamp they are able to make the edge of the river. The party works together to construct a raft and head upstream looking for a village.

About half a day later they spot fishermen on the river and shoreline and a well used path leading away. They converse with the fisherman and are told that the village of Verins lies a couple of hundred yards up the path.

They abandon their raft and head to the village. The village is small with only three properly constructed buildings, a cemetery and dozens of makeshift tents and huts. A large portion of the population appears to be a group of orcs. Not Half-orcs, although there are a few, but true orcs. There are a number of humans and half-orcs living here.

They meet with the orc leader Grunds (whom the party immediately renames to Gary)


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